After Morton's Neuroma Surgery

We have successfully treated patients from the New Jersey and New York region and beyond.  Our Morton's Neuroma patients have traveled  from much of the 50 states, including  Hawaii, as well as internationally to seek  our expertise in Morton's Neuroma treatment.  Our goal is to get you back to an active lifestyle and avoid stump neuroma formation.  This can be accomplished with either ablation treatment or neuroma decompression.

However, after procedures, we often recommend to remove the metatarsal pads on your custom orthotics (if you have them).  This is because any intervention we do may cause some mild swelling and tenderness in the area.  

It is important to have a gait analysis (walking analysis) to determine if a custom orthotic is needed, if the prescription needs adjustment, and if metatarsal pads should be resumed.    Because faulty foot structure or faulty movements are usually the cause for development of the neuroma, custom orthotics are usually needed lifetime.  The big question... do you still need the metatarsal pad?  Some do and some don't.  For patients with ablations or decompression by Dr. Rockmore, the met pads are usually replaced after the swelling resolves.  For patients that Dr. Rockmore needs to remove the neuroma, met pads are rarely used post op. 


We recommend to fly in to Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR).  This is 9 miles from NYC.  When staying overnight, the Grand Summit Hotel and the Short Hills Hilton are both close to the Summit office and offer excellent accommodations.