Plantar Fascia Relief

Plantar Fascia Debridement with a Minimal Incision

When your heel hurts, there may be spurs present. Most often the spurs do not cause the hurt, but the Plantar Fascia around them has become degenerated. Many patients also have degenerated tendon that is an inch or more above the heel bone in the Achilles tendon. Pain is often worse after sitting or sleeping but does increase from walking and other activities.

This condition usually responds to a brace and limited activities for several weeks. In severe cases, surgical intervention is required. "Traditional" surgery involves open dissection of the diseased Plantar Fascia with partial detachment from the heel bone. There are some potential complications such as numbness, nerve entrapment, painful interanal scar tissue, hammertoes, and failure.

Alternatively, recent advances have shown good results removing damaged Plantar Fascia and allowing it to heal WITHOUT cutting it and detaching it off of the heel bone. The procedure is a game changer for most patients that would otherwise be sidelined for 2 months or more.

This is called Ultrasound Guided Tendon Debridement.

What are the advantages?

  1. Minimally invasive
  2. Only local anesthesia is required
  3. Faster recovery
  4. Walking is permitted

If you have had Plantar Fascia or Achiiles tendon pain in your foot or ankle for more than 4 months, you may be a candidate for this revolutionary treatment.

For a brief educational video, please see the video below. Call us to see if this treatment would be beneficial for you.