Neuropathy / Peripheral Nerve Surgery


"I was in a lot of pain before surgery.  My toes were also numb...I didn't realize when I wore sandals that I was injuring my foot.  My foot feels great now and I would do it again if needed"

R.L.  3/21/2007



"Before surgery my foot had numbness and my toes tingled.  Now my foot feels excellent - no problems.  I would highly recommend Dr.  Rockmore, and I do to all my friends."

T. Hartnett 2/21/07



" would wake me from a sound sleep and I would walk the numbness off from anywhere, 1 hour to 3 hours in the early morning.  Dr. Rockmore, I feel, did a great job.  After surgery I got the feeling back in my toes and foot."

P. Alexander



Bunion Surgery Testimonials and Hammertoe Surgery Testimonials:

"My foot had a hammer toe and the biggest bunion you could ever have seen.  I was in a lot of pain for years... Since the surgery my foot feels 100% better.  No doubt in my mind I would do it again.  I wouldn;t go to anyone else.  I've already been getting compliments on my foot."

F. Bush

Allentown, NJ

"...thanks to Dr. Rockmore...I felt no pain during or after surgery."

L. Santiago


"The surgery was a huge sucess.  I would strongly recommend Dr. Rockmore (which I already have) because of his gentle, caring and comfortable manner before and after surgery"

A. Nerwinski


"I had bunion surgery previously on this foot, but I was still in a lot of pain.  Dr. Rockmore explained the surgery to me in a very clear way.  he answereed any questions that I had.  My surgery went terrific.  I couldn't be happier.  I am completely without pain now, thanks to Dr. Rockmore. "

R. Blue



"Dr. Rockmore was great and the surgery went very well."

B. Martine



"I had surgery on both feet [on different dates].  I had bunions and corns removed.  I had major surgery on my bone and nearly no pain after the surgery... He is a very good doctor with excellent bedside manners."

L. Carroll

Great Toe Fusion Testimonials:

I had a bunion that stuck out and could not wear boot, so I had the surgery and my foot feels fine.  I would [do] it again.  All doctors should be as compassionate as him.  I recommend him to other people."

Julia Guagliardo